The xx


"the sound resounds..."

the xx are an English indie pop band formed in 2005 in wandsworth, london. in 2010, the band won the mercury prize for its debut album.

"nervy and self-contained, the xx is a product of a band thinking a lot harder about topics- sex, composition, volume..."

the xx's debut album xx was released with the british independent record label young turks on 17 august 2009, and was met with sweeping critical praise, achieving a rating of "universal acclaim" on metacritic.
in december 2011, smith revealed that he wanted to release the xx's second album coexist ahead of its festival appearances the following year, and that it was inspired by "club music". "the majority of stuff I'm working on now is the xx stuff. we're just about to start recording. hopefully we'll get it done in time for most festivals next year, because that's the most fun."
the band's third studio album, i see you, will be released on january 13, 2017.


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