Singer and songwriter Matthew van der Want returns in 2016 with Just Music's release of his fourth full-length solo album, 'terrorlove'.

'Terrorlove began as a break up record, but thankfully I found myself cheering up a bit as I worked on the album,' says van der Want. 'I wrote a couple of songs during 2014 about the disintegration of one of those relationships that hindsight tells you was a huge mistake from the start. You know: a bad decision, a disaster waiting to happen, moths and flames, and when it unravelled, I had to think seriously about relationships, and about what can go wrong when two people become close, and why it goes wrong.'

But the subsequent songs van der Want wrote for the album deal with more than just sad contemplation of failed love and 'terrorlove' developed into an honest, sometimes stark reflection on the need we all have to love and to be loved in an intimate relationship. The album's ten songs present van der Want's thoughts and feelings about intimacy, focusing sometimes uncomfortably on the darker, scarier and less talked about feelings and the destructive behaviours that accompany getting close to another person.




terrorlove (2016)

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