"a slick dark trip..."

Exactly 10 years after the band played its last South African shows, Fetish regrouped in Cape Town during April 2012 to record a highly anticipated full-length album and to perform two live shows. Now, three months later, the band is all set to release the album “Little Heart” with its breakout singles “Merry Go Round” and “People Say”.

Formed in Cape Town in 1996, Fetish was one of the forerunners of the post-apartheid rock explosion in South Africa, and became one of the most influential and best-loved alternative bands in the country. The band was formed by two childhood friends, Dominic Forrest and Jeremy Daniel, who had grown up together in Swaziland during the 1980’s before meeting again in Cape Town.
After gigging around Cape Town for a year, the band financed and produced its debut album “Fetish”, which gained an immediate cult following around the country and Europe. One distinguishing feature of the album was that every single cloth-covered album was different and had been put together by the band members themselves.

The song that brought them to the attention of the public however, was the single 'Never Enough' from their self produced debut album ‘Fetish’. The song went to no.6 on the charts and became a huge favourite at gigs. This breakthrough album led to them signing with Virgin Records and beginning work on a series of high profile albums, including the much-loved EP “Shade of a Ghost” and critically acclaimed “So Many Prophets”which produced three Top 10 hits and three SAMA nominations, including Best Rock Album and Best Group.

The late-90’s saw Fetish touring the country and supporting international acts such as Lenny Kravitz, Skunk Anansie, Smashing Pumpkins. The band gained a loyal fan base with intense live performances and uncompromising music. However, due to personal and professional difficulties, cracks began to appear in the band and by the end of 2001 Forrest and Breeze had both moved to London while the other members turned their attention to other projects.

Fetish officially called it quits in 2004, leaving a stack of unfinished demos. A few years later, Forrest and producer Chris Tuck collaborated to turn the unfinished demos into the full Fetish album “Remains”, released by the Just Music label. Tuck and Breeze later teamed up to record the Album 'Golden Lilies + Mr Smith' under the moniker Darkpop. Breeze then went on to write and perform in the London band Why Why Peaches with producer Craigie Dodds and feature on tracks by UK rapper Kano and Pascal & Pearce.

Talk of a reunion came and went over the years until in 2010, Ross, Jeremy and David flew over to London for a weekend of musical reconnection, where the group managed to rediscover its unique sound and passion to play together, and set a date of 2012 for the new album.







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